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Welcome to my web site.

This site is under on going construction and development
(just like every other site on the internet).

Be sure to check out the links page!
It is designed to be used as a home page and to provide easy access to the links that I find handy. Please email me if you know any really useful sites or hot topics.

My current interests include genealogy and Linux.
The GNU / Linux systems are very exciting, both in use and in philosophy. If you want, you can try the future of computing, but it's way different so be prepared for some serious learning.

Also check out the sites run by James Hewett.

Some notes and articles I've put together.

Click here for the NZSG GCG pages.

Others: robots, starting with Linux, newgroups and outback Australia.

Updated 29 January 2012
© 2012 Peter Hewett GPL
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